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Environmental and Rural Science


There are few university Faculties or Schools where geologists, engineers, geneticists, earth scientists, zoologists, plant scientists, soils scientists, and ecologists work together on the big challenges that face our planet. The School of Environmental and Rural Science (ERS) is one of those rare places.

Whether you are interested in developing science to 'Feed the World and Save the Planet', finding the next dinosaur, figuring out why the world behaves in the way it does and how best to sustain our planet, why genes behave the way they do, or understanding how plants grow, ERS is the place for you. Backed up by some of the best teachers and researchers in the world, alongside the best infrastructure for teaching and research, you will always find a challenge to nurture your interests.

Students in ERS will be in class sizes that are small enough to provide great support from academic mentors, but large enough for peer-to-peer group work with other students. You will be taught in the best lecture theatres, laboratories, and environment that Australia has to offer, along with unrivalled Internet support.

You can choose from a broad range of courses linking in with the Schools of Law, Business, and Science & Technology, providing an excellent framework to develop your skills. Moreover, ERS has unrivalled links with industries across Agribusiness, Environmental Science and Engineering providing an easy gateway to employers.

In many of our degrees, students get to experience travel abroad, with recent expeditions to China, Burma, Botswana and Cambodia.  All such authorised travels are credit bearing to your degree.

Understanding the science of the natural world is key to developing our futures. We look forward to welcoming you to this School, which aims to ensure that you have serious fun at university, supported up by the best staff and facilities on offer anywhere in Australia.

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